The Innovation Engine: Firing on All Cylinders

Program Description

There are entire sections of libraries devoted to books on innovation.  Some cover strategy, others address leadership style, and then there is a long list of prescriptive books with answers to process and technology challenges. 

“The Innovation Engine” brings it all together and speaks to each of the business disciplines required to deliver on the promise of innovation for your organization:

  • Strategy: A clearly articulated innovation strategy that is consistent with the company’s business goals.
  • Ideation: Methods for creating and capturing new ideas from multiple internal and external sources.
  • Portfolio: An objective process for deciding which innovations to pursue and evaluating progress.
  • Execution: The ability to seamlessly execute product development and commercial activities.
  • Value: A plan to extract value from an innovation over the entire lifecycle of a new product or service.
  • Infrastructure: Physical and technical infrastructures that enable collaborative modes of operation.
  • Leadership: People that value, understand, and actively support the role of innovation in company success.
  • Results: The ability to measure, monitor, and learn from innovation activities with a focus on results

Many organizations get one or more of these capabilities right, but breakthrough performance comes from integrating all of these disciplines and building an innovation engine that fires on all cylinders.  The case studies and material presented are gleaned from Bill’s long career as a consultant and the work of his colleagues at Kalypso.

Audience Take-Aways

This topic presents a model for thinking of innovation and a playbook for addressing each of the eight disciplines in a high horsepower innovation engine. Executives will be able to use the model to identify strengths, highlight shortcomings, and create a plan for integrating the elements of “The Innovation Engine” to build a sustainable model for growth. 

Program Notes

Always entertaining and informative, this topic is designed to be tailored to fit in any agenda and has been delivered in the form of a keynote address, breakout presentation, facilitated panel discussion, and a half or full-day training session.  We will work with you to create a high-energy program that meets the needs of your audience and the constraints of your event.