The Innovation Economy: A National Imperative

Program Description

This topic explores the history of innovation, its contribution to the U.S. economy, and the role innovation must play in the future if we are to maintain and improve the standard of living in this country. 

This presentation draws on Bill’s personal experience culled from years of advising executives of global enterprises, in-depth analysis of economic data, and the work of several leading economists and business thinkers.  The picture is both encouraging and frightening, but the message is clear: The United States must lead the world in the development of new ideas, technologies and business models in order to maintain its position as an economic powerhouse.    

The last 15 years have seen a dramatic increase in the free flow of information, talent, and goods across borders.  We have also seen a resulting change in the national identity of large multinational corporations that now tend to operate on a truly global basis.  This has profound implications on the competitive position of the U.S. and the implicit promise of a better life we make to subsequent generations.  The innovation imperative demands the attention of the business community, academic institutions, and those that craft public policy. 

Audience Take-Aways

The presentation will summarize the risks and opportunities associated with the innovation economy and prescribe a set of actions that we must undertake to remain competitive in the years ahead. Participants will develop an appreciation for the macro trends affecting innovation in the global economy and challenges to the U.S.’s continued dominance in technology development.  We will explore a set of actions, investments, and policy proposals aimed at driving growth from innovation in the U.S. 

Program Notes

Best delivered as a keynote address to set the stage for a more thorough exploration of this topic, this thought-provoking program can also be adapted to audiences outside of the United States.  The messages from this presentation are impossible to ignore and not easily forgotten. 

The United States must lead the world in the development of new ideas and technology in order to maintain its position as an economic powerhouse.