Product Lifecycle Management Systems: Growth Through Efficiency

Program Description

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology has evolved slowly into an enterprise software domain unto itself.  From its roots in computer-aided design, the definition of PLM has expanded to include collaborative design tools; requirements management; virtual prototyping; software development; configuration and engineering change management; applications to enable compliance, sourcing, and IP management; as well as a set of strategic decision support functions.  The definition of PLM is not clear and the boundaries between it and other enterprise software domains are often blurry. 

Using a proprietary framework developed by Kalypso, this topic will define PLM and establish its value proposition to the organization.  The presentation covers: 

  • A comprehensive definition of PLM software capabilities
  • An overview of the PLM software market and the leading players
  • PLM’s contribution to improved product development speed, cost and quality
  • Development of a modular and phased implementation roadmap
  • Barriers to successful adoption and utilization of PLM’s power and potential
  • Counterintuitive approaches to organizational change management
  • PLM capability maturity model and implementation best practices

Bill has worked extensively in the PLM marketplace for more than 17 years and has successfully helped clients extract value from these solutions in industries as diverse as high tech, consumer electronics, medical devices, telecommunications, industrial, consumer packaged goods, semiconductor, and specialty chemicals. 

Audience Take-Aways

This topic presents a comprehensive framework for understanding PLM and the strategic business case for its implementation. This presentation is ideal for PLM project teams in the early phase of a program as it identifies leading practices for implementation and identifies common pitfalls to avoid.

Program Notes

This material is best suited for a full or half-day interactive workshop with a small group from a single company, but can be adapted to an overview presentation to an audience from diverse industries.  Whatever the event, Bill will modify the materials and the message to fit the needs of the sponsors and participants.