Innovation Governance: Portfolio & Pipeline Management

Program Description

The strategic allocation of investment and resources to innovation initiatives is one of the most challenging questions faced by leaders looking for sustainable growth.  Writing checks and praying for results is not a strategy.  Determining where to place bets, how to balance risk and reward, and when to abandon once promising ideas is the role of a disciplined innovation governance model.  This presentation addresses best practice models from multiple industries and how they can be adapted to manage different types of innovation.

The primary objective of portfolio and pipeline management is to increase the aggregate, risk-adjusted return on your investment in innovation.  In this workshop audience members will learn about:

  • The linkage to business strategy
  • Project valuation, selection and prioritization methods
  • Dealing with uncertainty in forecasting
  • Ensuring balance across multiple dimensions
  • The use and misuse of gated development processes
  • Alternative governance models
  • Resource planning and capacity management
  • The role of enabling information systems
  • A closed-loop approach to measurement, learning and continuous improvement 

We will address the common challenges associated with the implementation of these business disciplines and will cover ways that they are often misapplied within organizations.

Audience Take-Aways

This is a very prescriptive topic that presents a leading practice model for governing an innovation portfolio. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of these business disciplines and a logical approach to implement them in a sequenced fashion designed to generate value quickly.

Program Notes

Portfolio and pipeline management has been the focus of Bill’s personal consulting practice for several years.  He is a recognized expert in the field that combines strategy, technology, finance, and leadership.  Bill’s passion for this subject comes through in the delivery and his personal experiences are illuminating and informative.  A technical subject, this presentation is most often delivered in workshop form to small groups from an individual company, but can be adapted to larger audiences that are interested in learning more about a comprehensive approach to innovation portfolio and pipeline management.