The Front End of Innovation: Feeding the Funnel

Program Description


The development of ideas to feed the fuzzy front end of your innovation pipeline is not about eureka moments or serendipitous events.  Nor are you likely to find the best ideas in an employee suggestion box.  Leading innovation companies deliberately and continuously cultivate breakthrough opportunities by investing in front end ideation methods, tools, and techniques.

Understanding that ideas come from everywhere is just the beginning. Based upon extensive research, the collective client service experience of the team at Kalypso, and other experts, “Feeding the Funnel” will present an integrated and often counterintuitive approach to successful ideation. We will:

  • Explore more than twenty different methods of ideation, leading collaborative toolsets, and the process of converting ideas into winning concepts
  • Learn about the concept of collective intelligence – or crowdsourcing – and the use of extended, open networks to generate and improve upon ideas
  • Investigate the technique of directed ideation to ensure that teams are focusing their energy on a common purpose
  • Discuss the potential benefits and barriers to creating a successful business and idea incubator function within a large organization

Turning a set of ideas into a well-structured business concept that can be tested and evaluated objectively is a difficult task. It requires the input of many experts across business functions. This presentation will make the fuzzy front-end a little less fuzzy.

Audience Take-Aways

The messages in this presentation topic will enable organizations to design a process for creating, intentionally evaluating, and moving those ideas successfully into development. Participants will be exposed to many different methods and will learn what to watch out for when designing their front end capabilities.

Program Notes

This material has been delivered in multiple formats including breakout presentations, small group discussion, and team workshops.  The content can be supplemented with facilitated immersion sessions that teach basic ethnographic techniques to innovation initiative teams.  This topic is typically highly customized based on client requirements and industry.