Breakthrough Innovation: The Execution Challenge

Program Description

This topic explores the challenge of pursuing disruptive innovation within large, established businesses that may be threatened by new breakthroughs.  Large companies with the most successful business models are often the most susceptible to disruption because they lack the ability to pursue strategic innovations. 

Large businesses have tremendous advantages over small start-ups when it comes to innovation including funding, talent, and facilities; and yet, they often get beat at the innovation game. Organizational antibodies work to protect existing businesses and leaders must address the cultural DNA of the company to nurture strategic experiments that can lead to breakthroughs. 

This presentation will:

  • Explore successful methods of turning big ideas into engines for growth in large organizations.
  • Study large organizations that have successfully disrupted themselves.
  • Evaluate the multiple organization models companies use to nurture breakthrough innovation.
  • Teach how to harness the advantages a large organization possesses without stifling breakthrough concepts.

The framework for this presentation is based on numerous published case studies, the scholarly work of many experts in the field of innovation, and Bill’s personal experience serving clients across industries.  Bill uses these experiences and those of his colleagues at Kalypso to bring this framework to life and make it actionable for participants. 

Audience Take-Aways

This presentation will explore the challenges of executing breakthrough innovation initiatives that are potentially disruptive to the core business of a company. Participants will come away with a greater appreciation for the risks, and have a number of best practices and organizational models for nurturing these initiatives and delivering growth.

Program Notes

This topic is often delivered in a workshop format for an audience from a single large enterprise, but can also be presented in the form of a keynote or breakout at industry or association events.  There are numerous case studies in this program that can be adapted to motivate audiences from specific organizations, industries, or associations.