Saluting Innovation @ Coravin


Saluting Innovation at Coravin for creating a proprietary technology that allows wine lovers to enjoy their favorite bottles by the glass without ever pulling the cork. The Coravin System uses a thin, hollow needle to access the wine through the cork. After insertion, the bottle is pressurized with argon, a gas that has zero effect on the taste of the wine, and wine is poured through the needle into a glass. The cork then reseals naturally and allows the remaining wine to continue to age undisturbed because it was never exposed to oxygen.

Pulling the cork on a whole bottle of wine is a big commitment because once the original seal is broken oxidation begins, quickly spoiling any wine that is not consumed. This smart technology eliminates that problem for wine lovers, restaurants, and wineries by simplifying the process of tasting and drinking wine by the glass. No wonder the Coravin was a Gold Winner of the 2014 Edison Award! We salute Coravin for creating a more efficient way to savor a variety of wines without ever exposing a drop.