Saluting Innovation @ iFetch

Saluting Innovation at iFetch for keeping the pup entertained while I sit back and relax. Technology has taken over our lives and now pets and owners alike are reaping the benefits. The iFetch is an interactive ball pitching machine for small and medium sized dogs needing a little exercise and excitement in their lives. A lack of exercise is the number one cause of bad behavior in dogs and if you live in an apartment or a small home without a backyard, it’s tough for them to get all the exercise they need. Owners can customize the exercise level by choosing how far they want their dog to run with three distance settings. With some training, dogs can learn to use the iFetch themselves, launching the ball and returning it to the funnel for immediate relaunch. Not only will you get to relax while she plays to her heart’s content, you can be assured your pup is not left neglected when you’re out for the day. I’m so excited about this product and think I might have to get one for my grandson who also recently took up the game of fetch. Let’s just say, I slept more like a baby than he did after this weekend’s babysitting adventure. I salute iFetch for bringing a fun new twist to the game of fetch and making our little one a happy camper.