Saluting Innovation @ Flare

Saluting Innovation at Flare for creating the ultimate set of pots and pans. They cook faster and save more energy than ever before. Dr. Thomas Povey, an Oxford rocket scientist, had an interesting observation while camping with his buddies that sparked a desire to create a new type of high-performance cookware. He was puzzled by how much fuel was required to boil water using his conventional cookware and began to reflect on how the pan’s design prevented it from boiling water efficiently. Povey put his rocket propulsion science background to work, incorporating technology that can be found in jet engines into a solution. He used uniquely designed fins on the sides of the pan that capture heat that is otherwise lost. The fins conduct heat from the flame across the bottom and push it up the sides of the pan, resulting in quicker and more even heat distribution. They are made of highly-conductive cast aluminum which also contributes to faster heating time. There are four Flare pans currently available including a saucepan, a lidded stockpot, and frying pans in two sizes. You can find them online through a UK-based manufacturer, Lakeland  starting at $85. This might be the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has just about everything. I don’t know about you, but I can use all the help I can get. We salute Dr. Povey for adding “Flare” and "Rocket Power" to the cooking experience.