Saluting Innovation @ Yerka Project

Saluting Innovation at the Yerka Project for developing the first “unstealable” bike. For those of you who have had your bike stolen a time or two, this one is for you. Three Chilean engineering students have developed a technology that will prevent bicycle theft once and for all. Because a skilled bike thief can make their way through almost any standard bike lock you put in front of them, the boys focused on creating something unbreakable and sturdy without adding bulkiness and inconvenience for cyclists. They found the answer in a concept that uses the entire bike frame as a lock. In order to steal this new bike, you have to break the bike itself. The lower beam of the frame is made up of two arms that open up to wrap around a pole for locking purposes. The bike is then secured by using the seat post to connect the arms. They hope to have the first set of bikes available in about six months and plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign in December to raise funds for mass production and global sales. We salute the guys at Yerka Project for transforming the bicycle lock into a solution that combines safety, intelligent design and comfort for all of you bicycle enthusiasts out there.