Saluting Innovation @ Drip Drop

Saluting Innovation at Drip Drop for creating a rehydration powder that works up to 1/3 faster than plain water. Water shortages affect communities worldwide with 1.5 million deaths caused by dehydration-induced diseases in 2013. While current salt and sodium Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) exist, they have not been successful due to their disgusting seawater taste. After the CEO of Drip Drop, Dr. Eduardo Dulhon, returned from a cholera outbreak relief mission he challenged himself to develop a better tasting ORS. 18 months later, Dulhan had a berry and lemon flavored product containing sodium, electrolytes, and sugars that hydrates the body 34% faster than water alone. This revolutionary water innovation has the potential to change the game for military relief centers, hospital IV treatments, professional athletes, and people who struggle to adequately hydrate themselves daily. We salute Drip Drop for creating a better tasting ORS and transforming how the world hydrates.