Saluting Innovation @ 3M Health Care

Saluting Innovation at 3M Health Care for redesigning traditional braces to be placed behind your teeth, Incognito style! Many adults are not completely confident with their smile, but they don’t do anything about it because traditional braces or plastic aligners are not desirable for those who interact with people regularly. We all know that a great smile can make a huge difference both personally and professionally, which is why 3M created Incognito Braces that are placed behind your teeth. The braces are customized for your smile. First your orthodontist creates a digital model of the desired result. This becomes the blueprint from which the tooth braces are shaped. Incognito braces are gold-plated and conform to the shape of your teeth, unlike traditional braces cast in stainless steel. This means a natural, comfortable fit for patients allowing for the precise and efficient movement of your teeth. Braces are often accompanied with the perception of adolescence and immaturity making it a last resort for adults that are self-conscious about their smile. We salute 3M Health Care for their continued innovation in Health and Dental Care and taking the “Brace Face” fear out of the teeth straightening process.