Saluting Innovation @ St. Jude Medical

Saluting Innovation at St. Jude Medical for continuously launching medical device technologies that address chronic conditions and reduce aggregate spending on healthcare. The company makes leading solutions for cardiac, neurological and chronic pain issues. One of St. Jude’s most recent innovations is the Protégé Upgradeable IPG. It is the world’s smallest, longest lasting rechargeable device used to manage chronic pain. The device uses a form of stimulation therapy to deliver mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord. These pulses conceal the transmission of pain signals to the brain, alleviating discomfort. Upgrades can be made via software updates as they are approved. Patients will be able to access these future software updates and therapies without having to surgically remove and replace the device. The Protégé Upgradeable System has an unmatched seven year warranty and a 10-year projected battery life. Pain relief just got easier! 

We salute St. Jude Medical for partnering with physicians, insurance companies, and hospitals to develop cost-effective, breakthrough solutions that continue to transform healthcare.