Saluting Innovation @ SipSnap

Saluting Innovation at SipSnap, for creating a silicone lid that can turn any cup into a sippy cup. While this company name may not be well-known now, it is likely to be a household name after their products are released in September. Moms of little ones will breathe a collective sigh of relief to find a product that will make spills at restaurants a thing of the past, and eliminates the need to find matching cups and lids at every meal and snack. There are two universally-sized styles available - one with a spill-proof, chew-proof, sippy-cup style spout, and one with a hole for any sized straw. While these are designed to keep kids’ spills to a minimum, adults can use them too. A covered cup near a computer keyboard could be a huge benefit, especially when working with kids nearby. We salute SipSnap for finding a new purpose for silicone that kids and parents alike will find beneficial.