Saluting Innovation @ Harley Davidson

Saluting Innovation at Harley Davidson for continuing to reimagine motorcycling with the roll out of their very first all-electric bike. Building on recent successes with new products like the Harley Davidson Street 750 and Street 500, Harley revealed Project LiveWire to the public on June 19th. They are turning to LiveWire as their next bold statement of reinvention. The new bike is meant to attract a fresh set of consumers who are younger, female and/or ethnically diverse and who have previously avoided the older Harley stereotype. Like all Harley Davidson originals, Livewire is meant to be an expression of individuality and iconic style. It has an authentic and original look, feel and sound. The new bike provides an unique riding experience and thrilling acceleration with an unusual high-pitched, jetlike whining sound. They’ve also provided a new high-tech feel with a colorful touchscreen display and vibrant LED lighting along with responsive braking and instant torque which makes it great for city riding. With no set timeline for product launch, Harley is simply using the LiveWire experience as an opportunity to engage riders in a conversation about the features and capabilities that a world class Harley Davidson electric motorcycle should deliver. They plan to bring Project LiveWire to various locations around the US , Europe and Canada. Their hope is that the new product will provide the shift needed to meet the lifestyle and riding needs of a growing generation of urban young adults. We salute Harley Davidson for their commitment to innovative technology and customer-led product development. Switching gears into the future.