Saluting Innovation @ Iotera


We have an ancient Labrador Retriever that has lately taken to wandering. The blinking light on our home answering machine is almost always a neighbor that has found our little limping runaway. Nothing seems to stop him from escaping the cozy confines of the Poston compound. But there is hope. The folks at Iotera have developed a solution to the problem of a rouge lab with nomadic notions; the Iota will allow us to track him wherever he goes. We salute Iotera and encourage you to support their Kickstarter campaign so that they can get Iota into production.

The Iota is the smallest, longest-lasting GPS tracker in the world. It can be used on pets, bicycles, cars, kids, keys, and anything else that has a tendency to wander off without warning. You can receive alerts on your phone and get GPS location information when your pet (or kid) breaks a virtual fence barrier. The pet’s level of physical activity can also be tracked and you can be alerted if your pet is in an uncomfortably hot environment.

We salute the smart startup gang at Iotera for their dedication to innovation. We are anxiously awaiting our first shipment. I hope it arrives before our roving lab experiment drives the neighbors crazy.