Saluting Innovation @ Capsule Game Feeders

This week our saluting innovation series is dedicated to redneck ingenuity.

Our first salute goes out to Capsule Game Feeders for a new feeder design that eliminates all of the problems and challenges associated with traditional deer feeders. With the capsule feeder, hunters will no longer have the thrill of making multiple trips up a wobbly ladder to load the bin with a 50-pound bag of corn over their shoulder. The capsule feeder sits on the ground and can be loaded directly from the bed of a pickup truck without lifting the bag. And a 500 to 1,000 pound capacity means fewer trips to fill.

Unlike the typical gravity-fed device, this feeder is impossible to push over and will not be treated like a piñata by hogs and other varmints bent on getting at the goodies inside. Animals will quickly figure out that banging and shaking the capsule feeder is futile. The feeder uses an auger to push feed up through the top rather than spraying it out of the bottom. It can be custom programmed to distribute feed on whatever schedule you want.

We salute the good folks at Capsule Game Feeders for applying redneck ingenuity to a real problem that deer hunters all over south Texas understand very well. Saving hunters’ knees and backs while depriving hogs of your precious corn is an accomplishment worthy of recognition.