Saluting Innovation @ Reef

This week our saluting innovation series is dedicated to redneck ingenuity.

I love to get away to the Caribbean. Turquoise blue waters, island music, hot tropical nights, and cold local beer are all part of the allure. The problem with most local breweries in Mexico and the Caribbean is that they have yet to discover the wonders of the twist off bottle cap. Enter Reef Footwear with its ingenious flip-flop design that includes a bottle opener in the sole of each pair. This is a perfect example of a “job that needs to be done” innovation.

Thanks to the good folks at Reef there is no longer any need to carry a bottle opener in your swim trunks or resort to damaging the furniture trying to pry off that cap. Simply remove your slipper and “pop a top.” You will be the most popular person at the beach party. We salute Reef Footwear for delivering on the promise of innovation and making the world a better place. After all, beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. With your Reef flip-flops you’ve definitely got time for one more round. Bottoms up!