Saluting Innovation @ Layar

Saluting innovation at Layar for enriching print material by creating engaging digital experiences through augmented reality. Layar is taking augmented reality to the next level enabling publishers, advertisers and brands to create interactive print without spending tons of money on developers or installing frustrating software. The company has built an app that will bring print and digital together in one cohesive package and enhance customer and brand engagement. The app will also create opportunities to increase reach, achieve higher conversion rates and add competitive innovation and value to advertising. With this app consumers are able to view extra information above and beyond what they already see, making the experience more unique and meaningful. Items that have digital content in them such as product packages or magazine pages are brought to life with a simple scan of the label. You can also scan QR codes to listen to audio and watch videos, share content on social media or view movie trailers directly from a poster. Professionals from marketers and advertisers to retailers and luxury brand managers are already taking advantage of Layar's technology to attract and engage consumers. We salute Layar for bridging the gap between print and digital.