Saluting Innovation @ SeaOrbiter


Saluting Innovation at SeaOrbiter for exploring the ocean to research the biodiversity and climate of the sea. The idea was developed with hopes to educate the public on how crucial the ocean is to the earth’s well-being. The SeaOrbiter is a 190-foot tall semi-submersible vessel designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie. It is built to accommodate a 22-person crew for up to six month long missions. This will allow them to research and observe depths to 6,000 meters. The ocean makes up over three quarters of the earth’s surface and is largely unexplored at great depth. This project will place one SeaOrbiter vessel in each main ocean. The orbiters are equipped with multimedia communication platforms that produce a constant flow of information from the vessels scientific laboratories. Not only does this innovation create an opportunity to understand oceanic ecosystems, it also provides a space simulator where astronauts can train for extended flights. Living conditions in this pressurized habitat are similar to the conditions found in space, allowing astronauts to test their ability to live in an extreme environment.  We salute SeaOrbiter for creating the first nomadic international oceanic station while bringing science fiction to the deep blue sea.