Saluting Innovation @ Emerald Therapeutics

Saluting Innovation at Emerald Therapeutics for making drug discovery faster and cheaper. On July 1st Emerald Therapeutics, a 17-person startup in Silicon Valley, revealed a new service called The Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) that allows researchers to run laboratory experiments in a central lab from anywhere in the world. A lab in the Cloud. The system offers full control over how the experiments are executed and provides total access to all the experimental data, sample information, instrument information and environmental data. All of these resources are seamlessly integrated into a single platform with over 1,000 built in functions for data analysis, visualization and modeling. They are backed by an additional 3,500 data processing and manipulation functions. The system allows researchers to focus on their science without being troubled by grunt work. ECL provides lower overhead, greater reproducibility, and more widespread access to scientific research allowing us to move farther, faster and with more confidence than ever before. We salute Emerald Therapeutics for building technology platforms that drive the future of biotechnology innovation.