Saluting Innovation @ Hit-Air

Saluting Innovation at Hit-Air for providing new technology in safety apparel for horseback riders. Hit-Air offers a wide range of air vests and jackets for all equestrian disciplines including Western riding, English riding, Eventing and even working out on the ranch. The concept of the Hit-Air vest is designed much like an airbag in a car that immediately inflates during an accident. When a rider is thrown off their horse a cord connecting to the saddle pulls a key out of a gas release system which causes a series of airbags throughout the vest to inflate immediately, creating a cushion for the rider’s impact. The Hit-Air system includes protection for the neck, torso, hip, and tailbone areas. A few companies sell similar products, but Hit-Air recently launched a new vest with a faster deployment time. The new Advantage model includes a small discretely placed cartridge of CO2 that inflates the vest in a record breaking .09 seconds. It also contains a special neck airbag that inflates first followed by the back and hip airbags. Not only have they perfected the inflating portion of the process, but they have also developed a much quieter deployment system that will help avoid the possibility of a spook during dismount. Hit-Air is beating the competition while keeping their products light weight, cool and extremely comfortable. Riding accidents have caused serious injuries in the past with nothing to prevent or decrease the impact of accidents. Thanks to Hit-Air, riders can “get back on the horse” with confidence. We salute Hit-Air for sharing their passion for horses and helping riders stay safe.