Saluting Innovation @ SmartThings


Saluting Innovation at SmartThings for bringing the future to 21st century homes. Alex Hawkinson, Founder of SmartThings, joined up with a team of close friends to develop a one-of-a-kind platform that allows the objects in your home including doors, locks, lights, and thermostats to talk to one another and anticipate your needs. The home automation system was inspired by an ice storm a few years ago that left Hawkinson’s family home in shambles. Following the incident he formed a coalition and set out to create a product that would alert him when something went wrong in his home. The SmartThings hub is made up of a small wifi enabled device that syncs with almost any connected gadget or sensor in the home, allowing users to program their homes from a single application. SmartThings gives you the freedom to “be home” wherever you are monitoring and controlling what’s happening while you are out. The hub also allows you to communicate with your home and tell it what you want it to do. You have the ability to customize different actions to happen automatically when you’re asleep, awake, gone, or just busy at home. Hawkinson and his team have built a simple mobile application that controls the way we live inside and outside of our home. Secure, smart and fun! I salute SmartThings for connecting household appliances to each other, the Web and most importantly us.