Saluting innovation @ SmartWeave

Saluting innovation at SmartWeave for creating a material that fights sweat stains. Whether it be a first date, intense job interview or presenting in front of hundreds of people, we all get them. Your nerves start to buzz and there goes your perfectly fresh professional attire. Worry no more. Oliver van Emden and Bradley Rose, founders of U.K.-based SmartWeave set out to end this problem with the development of a special fabric. After eight years of research and development SmartWeave scientists created a cotton-based material that prevents sweat stains. Unlike normal fabric, which draws moisture away from the skin and directly into the fabric, SmartWeave draws moisture from skin and spreads it broadly throughout the shirt, allowing it to dry more quickly. The special weave keeps perspiration from the outside of the shirt, preventing those nasty sweat marks from appearing. On April 1st the company began selling their dress shirts online, starting at £65 (about $107). Shirts are only being sold on their website right now, allowing them to keep prices down and appeal to the cost sensitive consumer. We salute SmartWeave for engineering a fabric that keeps us feeling dry, looking crisp, and in control at all times.