Saluting Innovation @ Solar Impulse

Saluting Innovation at Solar Impulse for building the first solar powered airplane that can fly both day and night. The Solar Impulse team, led by pilots Bertrand Picard and Andre Borschberg, have built a plane that will fly around the world in 2015, powered entirely by solar energy. The two have already logged over 7,000 miles of air time and broken eight world records, including the world’s first solar night flight and the longest solar powered straight distance flight. While solar technology is still relatively new for the aeronautics industry, the team plans to use their first global flight as an impetus for further innovation. Just as Charles Lindberg’s flight helped propel commercial aviation forward, the Solar Impulse flight might inspire others to further develop solar technologies. We salute Solar Impulse for being the first to create a solar powered flight that will fuel future innovation and radically change the aviation industry.