Saluting Innovation at Low Hanging Fruit


Saluting innovation at Low Hanging Fruit for addressing the rising cost of health care by showing physicians the financial impact of the decisions they make while practicing medicine. The phrase “Low Hanging Fruit” is commonly used for doing the easiest work first. The fruit that grows low on a tree is easy to reach and presents the most obvious opportunities because they are readily accessible. Health care now represents 17-18% of GDP in the US, leaving the sustainability of our system in question. Unfortunately, most physicians do not spend time understanding the financial impact of their decisions because the information is not right in front of them. They are often unaware of the results of their actions. In order to create change, medical decision makers need to be provided information in the form of this "Low Hanging Fruit". The virtual consulting firm named themselves after the phrase and set out to do just that. They've created a software service that gathers and delivers meaningful and up to the minute data for surgeons. A more informed team will drive the medical device industry to more productive and beneficial investments that provide real advances in technology and make a differences in people’s lives. Good Data = Good Decisions. We salute Low Hanging Fruit for empowering physicians and hospitals with the information necessary to drive down and maintain costs, while still providing the best in patient care.