Saluting Innovation @ Goal Control

Saluting Innovation at Goal Control for giving us instant “GOAL” gratification at the 2014 World Cup. For the first time in soccer history, FIFA is featuring goal-line technology that will send “GOAL” or “NO GOAL” messages directly to officials´ watches. The Goal Control system determines whether balls crossed the line or not using 14 high speed cameras. They are mounted around the roof of the stadium with seven cameras focused on each goal. The position of the ball is recorded continuously in real time 3D as soon as the ball is near the goal line. When the ball completely crosses the goal line, a vibration and optical signal is sent to the referee’s receptor watch immediately. The system also includes the GoalControl Replay feature that allows the audience to view full image replays followed by a 3D animation on giant screens in the stadium. A bad goal call can change everything and Goal Control is making sure that close calls leave fans and players confident in the referee’s decision. Many fans remember a certain 1966 World Cup championship game between England and Germany. British soccer legend Geoff Hurst made a strike that hit the top crossbar and bounced down before being cleared by a German defender. It was impossible to tell if the ball had crossed the plane. Eventually, officials awarded the goal to England securing a victory for the team. It is crazy to think that the outcome of a championship game could have been changed in an instant had Goal Control technology been in place. We salute Goal Control for taking goal-line technology to a new level and changing the game of soccer forever.