Saluting Innovation @ The Dipr

Saluting Innovation at The Dipr for creating the ultimate cookie spoon that will change the Oreo dipping experience for everyone. If you are an Oreo lover you know they are even better when dipped in a nice cold glass of milk. You also know that if you add milk to the equation you are looking at a frustrating and messy snack session. First you have to find a glass that is not very deep and wide enough to fit your hand into so that your cookie if fully immersed. Then, you have to time it JUST right so that the cookie doesn’t get too soft and break off into the milk. When the cookie does make the plunge you know you will have to reach in and retrieve it. Now you’ve got a sticky mess, but the cookies are so good. Thanks to Robert Haleluk, founder and inventor of the Dipr, we now have a solution to our Oreo dipping problems. The Dipr is a spoon that holds your cookie while you dip it in milk. It cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents it from crumbling when dunked. Easy as that, once you’ve dipped you can eat your perfectly moist cookie right off the Dipr. We salute The Dipr for creating a dunking revolution. This is a great example of a "job to be done" innovation.