Saluting Innovation @ U.S. Air Force

Saluting innovation in the US Air Force for hosting the National Security Forum in the Air War College. Every year this program provides an extended opportunity for candid engagement of ideas on future and current national and international security issues among the Air War College students, faculty, and invited guests of the Secretary of the Air Force. The purpose of the forum is to expose influential citizens to senior U.S. and international officers and civilian equivalents in order to engage each other's ideas. The joint nature of the Air War College is a source of strength. Students and faculty are not all Air Force, but come from all branches of the armed forces and close to twenty percent of the students are international officers from allied countries. 

I had the privilege to attend this year's National Security Forum and see the Air War College in action. The level of dialog and the frank and candid exchange of views on national security matters was educational and refreshing. I consider this program an innovation because it opens up the students to new perspectives while serving a higher purpose of increasing understanding of security and defense issues in the civilian population. I am grateful for all that these fine men and women do for us.