Saluting Innovation @ DePuy Synthes

Saluting Innovation at DePuy Synthes for improving patient’s stability and motion after knee replacement surgery with the ATTUNE Knee System. Research shows that 10-20% of patients were not satisfied with their knee’s performance after surgery. Based on this information, the DePuy Synthes joint reconstruction team began their largest collaborative research and development effort ever by combining the minds of independent scientists, engineers, thought leaders and university researchers to create a solution. The ATTUNE Knee System differentiates itself by focusing on the implant shape and new proprietary material technologies. The system also addresses the needs of surgeons by improving the instruments used during surgery, making the process more accurate and efficient. We salute DePuy Synthes for creating knee implants that will solve all of our performance issues. I am working hard to wear out my knees with constant skiing, hiking, running, and surfing. So happy there is ATTUNE!