Saluting Innovation @ Lynx


Saluting Innovation at Lynx for turning the most amateur griller into a professional grill master with a simple voice command. Lynx created a voice-activated smart grill that cooks food automatically based on commands directly from you. A fly-by-wire system drives the primary functions of the grill with an automated system that tells you exactly how to cook your meal. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions prompted by the grill about the food you want to cook. The grill has the ability to determine the exact grilling time and technique for the food. It tells you where to place each item on the grill to ensure the best results. If you are cooking different things at once, no need to worry about the timing, the smart grill will also make sure everything is ready to go at the same time. This is hard to do, even for the best grill masters out there. The Lynx Smart Grill sends notifications via audio, visual or text message cues, so the griller can invest their energy in doing other things like enjoying their guests without worrying about overcooking a meal. We salute Lynx for taking the stress out of grilling and giving a new meaning to outdoor entertaining.