Saluting Innovation @ Kimberly-Clark

Saluting Innovation at Kimberly-Clark for breaking the chain of germ transmission for a full 24 hours. Scott 24-hour Sanitizing Spray kills 99.9% of bacteria for 24 hours even after multiple touches, this includes cold and flu viruses and norovirus. Because of its longevity, Scott 24-hour Sanitizing Spray protects people between daily cleanings and is an important tool for safeguarding employee health and enhancing workplace hygiene. This product supports a broader goal for KC Professional – creating Exceptional Workplaces that keep people healthier, safer, and more productive. A sanitizing spray lasting 24 hours means cleaning personnel only have to apply it once a day creating potential for cleaning operations to work more efficiently and effectively, while providing users peace of mind. I salute Kimberly-Clark for their durable wash, wipe, and sanitize protocol allowing users to spend more time working and less time applying sanitizer.