Saluting Innovation @ All Power Labs

Saluting Innovation at All Power Labs for their radical breakthrough in energy for the third world. Jim Mason, founder of APL, is a Stanford educated anthropologist with a passion for pyrotechnic installation art that chooses a life of homelessness while running this $5MM startup. His vision is to redefine the concept of energy from a top-down centralized commodity to something local and ripe for hacking. This led him to the creation of the Power Pallet, the world’s first gasification system that takes organic waste and transforms it into energy. In their fifth year of operations APL has sold over 500 Power Pallets and is replacing diesel generators in countries such as Myanmar, Liberia, Nigeria, Haiti, and Mexico. The Power Pallet takes raw biomass (coconut shells, corncobs, and wood chips) and strips it of oxygen to create hydrogen gas, which powers a 20-kilowatt engine that enables the creation of electricity.  It’s an experiment in grassroots electrification that’s never been done before. We salute APL for creating a product that did not exist for people who did not know they needed it.