Saluting Innovation @ Lamoda

Saluting Innovation at Lamoda for bringing a personal shopper right to your door step along with the package you ordered. Lamoda an online apparel brand specializing in trendy, fashionable products. They are Russia's leading online retailer offering a wide range of items from apparel, shoes, accessories, to beauty and home.  Online sales is quite the challenge in Russia. To be successful you must make more of an effort to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a great customer experience. Lamoda has broken from the pack by sending a uniformed deliveryman directly to your home with your orders, allowing you to try them on while offering fashion advice. You get 15 minutes to try your things on with the option to purchase or return it. If the item is a “must have”, you can pay for it using cash or credit card right on the spot. For the busy woman, this is the perfect way to get the hottest styles delivered directly to you with fashion advice attached to the box. We salute Lamoda for breaking the tradition and taking online shopping to the next level.