Saluting Innovation @ Truckin' Tomato

Saluting Innovation at Truckin' Tomato for bringing the farmers market directly to the customer. With the increasing trend in food trucks and farmer’s markets, Shaun Lee found a creative way to combine the two when he founded Truckin' Tomato in the summer of 2013. They have converted a trailer into a mobile market that sells locally grown produce, food products, and merchandise. The trailer is designed to post up at apartment complexes, businesses, parks, and special events around San Antonio, Texas. Their goal is to bring the highest quality farmer’s market items to a single compact location where people already gather. They stock items such as Poteet strawberries, Fredericksburg peaches, and yummies from local bakeries in town. However, Truckin' Tomato goes beyond being a creative way to make the farmer’s market more accessible. They have a passion to spread awareness of local non-profit organizations that push profits towards helping families in need and focus on fighting poverty and hunger. Truckin' Tomato creates job training opportunities for residents of Haven for Hope, a private non-profit aimed at transforming the lives of those faced with homelessness in the San Antonio area. The trailer parks at a different location every day and post their schedule online. We salute Truckin’ Tomato for allowing us to "eat well and do good at the same time."