Saluting Innovation @ Phantom

Saluting Innovation at Phantom for creating the first commercially available flying catamaran. The Flying Phantom is a gravity-defying catamaran that lifts completely out of the water at high speeds on a pair of hydrofoils. As the craft’s speed increases the hydrofoils lift the hull up above the water, reducing wet area, resulting in amazing speed performance due to the decreased drag. A sailing hydrofoil can achieve over double the speed of the wind itself. When sailing a regular boat, you’re constantly struggling to gain a tenth of a knot, fighting against the water and the crashing of the waves. Aside from the large reduction in drag and increased speed, hydrofoiling produces a smoother ride. Many seasoned sailors have compared the experience to what a magic carpet ride from the Disney movie "Aladdin" would feel like. The boat copies the hydrofoiling action demonstrated by the 2013 America’s Cup field. The America's Cup is the most prestigious yachting race in the world and this year they featured new boat designs with hydrofoils that sailed up to an almost unheard of 52 mph. Now you can experience speed sailing without qualifying or entering a race. The Flying Phantom is available now for just under $40,000 USD. We salute Phantom for starting a revolution in the sailing world.