Saluting Innovation @ CrowdOptic

Saluting Innovation at CrowdOptic for transforming the way we broadcast, giving fans a fresh perspective at live events. CrowdOptic has created software that streams real time Google Glass video and other smart device feeds to Jumbotrons, personal phones, and live TV. The technology uses GPS, compasses, and algorithms to track devices in the crowd to study the shifting lines and identify the best views of the action. It has been adopted by a few sports franchises so far, starting with the Sacramento Kings. In January, they became the first pro sports team to create footage from the viewpoint of players wearing Google Glass. The technology allows fans in the stands, and those viewing at home, to live the on court experience through the eyes of those in the action. The cool thing about CrowdOptic’s technology is that it can track objects as they move. This makes it possible to aim your phone at an athlete during the game and read their stats on the screen. You are also able to see online discussions about events as they happen. With the ability to measure focus and track attention, CrowdOptic has the potential to create an entirely new way to see what's happening all over the arena. We salute CrowdOptic for improving the way we share experiences.