Saluting Innovation @ Amadeus Creative


Saluting Innovation at Amadeus Creative for utilizing modern gaming techniques and storytelling to teach real world history content and engage young adults in critical thinking.  Dr. Putz published his fast paced novel “The Ancients: A Game” to read like an Indiana Jones movie in hopes that students will find it an interesting and thought provoking way to learn. This thrilling online educational history game transports players to digital places around the world wide web to find clues hidden in websites corresponding to events in world history from 10,000 BCE to 600 CE. These clues lead to a powerful and dangerous modern day artifact that is being sought after by competing rival teams. “The Ancients: A Game” is an epic challenge incorporating a backdrop of locations, events and characters from world history. This novel learning method teaches young adults how things from the past continue to shape our future through an immersive adventure story. We salute Amadeus Creative for their innovative take on teaching key global themes and helping students become better critical thinkers all while enjoying a good story.