Saluting Innovation @ Orbital


Saluting innovation at Orbital for developing an amazing water recycling technology for in-home use. The company has applied their patented technology to the shower, creating the world’s most advanced and efficient residential showering system. The Orbsys unit saves up to 90% of the water used in a typical shower and 80% of the energy while increasing comfort and hygiene through a three-step process. Water used in the shower is purified to a drinking quality level, pumped back up into the recycling shower loop, and then discarded when the shower has ended. The shower is more comfortable due to the precise temperature stability, water flow and pressure. No more freezing water when someone flushes the toilet. The recycling purification process makes it possible to re-use the heat of the rinsed water, which is ensured to be cleaner than tap water. We salute Orbital and their revolutionary Orbsys system for creating the eco-friendly shower of the future.