Saluting Innovation @ LiquiGlide

Saluting Innovation at LiquiGlide for creating a coating that allows liquid substances and foods to slide out of a container or bottle. Developed by the Varanasi Research Group, the nontoxic, spray-on coating makes the inside of containers so slippery that viscous liquids slide out easily, leaving little behind. To form a slick coating, the LiquiGlide team sprays on a porous sponge like material and a specially chosen liquid to repel the stored product. Their researchers have over 100 materials and slickness fluids to choose from to make a liquid flow at the desired speed. The coating was created with ketchup in mind, but quickly reached all sorts of food packaging targets. We expect to see products using LiquiGlide on the market this summer including condiments, lotions, and toothpaste. We salute LiquiGlide for allowing us to get every last drop out of the bottle while addressing a common embarrassing dining problem. The days of violently shaking the ketchup bottle, only to have it explode all over your white shirt, are finally over.