Saluting Innovation @ Superpedestrian


Saluting Innovation at Superpedestrian for reinventing the wheel, literally, and turning any bicycle into a smart electric hybrid. The Copenhagen Wheel was developed over several years at MIT in collaboration with the city of Copenhagen, one of the world’s most innovative places for cycling. Traveling via bicycle is a great way to save on gas and go green, but distances, hills and hard journeys are deterrents to everyday commutes. The Copenhagen Wheel reduces the energy you exert by learning how you pedal and capturing your energy as you brake or go down hill and giving you a push when you need it with three to ten times your regular foot power. As you pedal, the motor automatically kicks in with no additional throttles or buttons. It has a complimentary app that is used to customize your ride, monitor your activity and gather information about your environment. This hybrid technology makes hills seem flat, shrinks distances, and allows you to cycle just about anywhere. I salute Superpedestrian and the Copenhagen Wheel for transforming the bicycle into a more practical means of everyday transportation.