Saluting Innovation @ Flowserve

Saluting Innovation at Flowserve for bringing snow to the slopes of the 2014 Olympics. This year they are making sure there is enough powder to cover the ski venues in Sochi. The company has created a snow-making system that includes over 20 Flowserve vertical turbine high-pressure pumps. The pumps are part of a complete snow-making system that pulls large amounts of water onto the mountain to make snow. The majority of the snow in Sochi is man made, that means pumping millions of gallons of water is critical to the mission. Flowserve designed and installed the system to pull water from two different sources in Russia to make sure enough is delivered to where it is needed. The pumps push the water up about 4,000 feet to over 400 snow machines on the mountains of Sochi. Flowserve's pumps have been used on space shuttles and in the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. We salute Flowserve for dropping the powder that our athletes will carve their way through to win the Gold.