Saluting Innovation @ Aloft Hotels

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Saluting Innovation at Aloft Hotels for opening the doors to a technological revolution in the hotel industry. Building on our mobile device dependency, these boutique properties by Starwood Hotels & Resorts have created a way for customers to use their smartphones to unlock their room and bypass the line at the front desk. Guests using the iPhone and Androids will receive a message on the Starwood app containing a virtual key, which will unlock the door through the use of Bluetooth technology. Although the human interaction and staff greeting is “nice”, delays at the front desk are the bane of many road warriors. Hotel check-in has been operating the same way for hundreds of years and Starwood is proving to be a front-runner in this industry-wide technological change. We salute Aloft Hotels for experimenting with this new customer-oriented approach and creating a innovative standard for how people enter hotel rooms.