Saluting Innovation @ Shyp

Saluting Innovation at Shyp for making gift giving a pleasant experience this year. The shopping season is upon us and for me that means shipping lots of gifts to friends and family all over the world. I love finding the perfect gift for people but I do not love the hassle that comes with shipping them out. 

Thanks to the Shyp App, I am able to send packages directly from my phone to almost anywhere in the world. Shyp has built relationships with all major shipping carriers to create efficiencies around shipping while reducing the cost for customers. It is very easy to use, you just take a photo of the item you want to ship, and let Shyp do the rest. It picks up, packs, and sends your items using the most cost effective and reliable option. By doing so, it not only makes the process of shipping more convenient, but it actually saves the consumer money, since I, like many others, don’t know the best way to ship items. It’s so easy; I might just add a few more people to my gift list.

This holiday season, we salute Shyp for revolutionizing the shipping process by replacing the traditional hassles with a great experience.