Saluting Innovation @ Breathometer

Saluting Innovation at Breathometer for transforming smartphones into wearable breathalyzers. The “quantified self” movement has seen tremendous growth in the last year with technologies that track steps, heart rate, and sleep gaining market share by the masses. It's not surprising that measuring blood alcohol level would also become important. The Breeze is a wearable, Bluetooth gadget that uses next generation electro-chemical fuel cell sensors to deliver law enforcement grade accuracy for dependable blood alcohol content (BAC) results.

Breathometer wants to help people make informed decisions, so the Breeze incorporates features that can help you ‘Get Home Safe’ by calling an Uber, cab, or designated driver from your contacts if you’re above a certain impairment level. It can also tell you approximately when your BAC will return to zero while finding restaurants and hotels near your location to get you sobered up. The Breeze is even integrated into Apple's HealthKit so you can track information about just how drunk you usually get. Join us in saluting Breathometer for keeping you in the know, and out of trouble.