Saluting Innovation @ Cloud&Heat

Saluting Innovation at Cloud&Heat for their environmentally sound server-based heating solution. We have all worked in front of a computer enough to know that after prolonged use, computers generate a lot of heat. To most of us, this is an annoying problem that we’ve accepted and learned to live with. To Cloud&Heat this was an opportunity to combine two markets to reduce the environmental impact in the heating space while growing Cloud computing.

Cloud&Heat provides cloud-based computing services using the waste heat produced by servers to heat buildings and water. The cloud servers are installed directly in the properties to be heated and come equipped with a fireproof safety cabinet, which feeds the excess heat into a buffer tank. This tank is connected to the hot water and air handling system of the building. It’s no wonder the founders of Cloud&Heat were finalists for the German Industry Innovation Award. We salute Cloud&Heat for their associative problem solving of converting server heat into heating energy.