Saluting Innovation @ Coolest

Saluting Innovation at Coolest for inventing the first multifunctional cooler that literally lives up to its name. This 60-quart cooler provides just about everything you need for an outdoor party or adventure. The Coolest, which the founder Ryan Grepper calls the true “21st century cooler,” comes equipped with all the gadgets necessary for a successful outdoor party including a waterproof Bluetooth-capable speaker, USB port to charge your electronics, cutting board, LED lid light for late-night parties and a bottle opener. If this doesn’t sound like the perfect cooler, then let me share my favorite feature, the 18 volt battery-powered rechargeable blender that can mix up a batch of ice cold margaritas with the push of a button. Coolest was named the #1 most funded project of all time on Kickstarter. It is now available for purchase in three different colors including “Margarita” “Cooler Orange” and “Blue Moon”. Nothing brings me more joy than sunshine, the great outdoors and a nice frozen margarita. Combine the three and we've got an item I must have. We salute coolest for transforming the boring cooler into a high-tech party on wheels.