Saluting Innovation @ BrewsKey

Saluting Innovation at BrewsKey for designing the perfect beer dressing accessory and turning it into a necessity for all you Mexican beer lovers. The BrewsKey is a new, cool way to dress your beer with salt and lime on the inside of the bottle with 100% natural lime and sea salt. It makes "dressing" your Corona easier than ever. The way BrewsKey works is that it coats the rim of the beer bottle with sea salt and dresses the inside neck of the bottle with salt and lime. No more cutting sticky limes or having to lick the neck of a dirty beer bottle. With BrewsKey, you simply load, slam and enjoy your perfectly dressed cerveza. It works much like K-cups in a Keurig without the large machine. All you need is the reusable BrewsKey accessory and multiple reloadable cups containing salt and lime. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to have my Corona with a little salt and lime. Now I can bring it with me everywhere I go. We salute Brewskey for unlocking the flavor in our beer.

Cheers my friends!