Saluting Innovation @ Surfset Fitness

Saluting innovation at Surfset Fitness for transforming surfing into a full-body workout that can be done at home or in a gym. Founder and CEO, Mike Hartwick is an avid surfer who loves the workout he gets from surfing, but hates leaving the waves behind when not in season. In his mind, no other workout can compare, so he was determined to find a way to stay at it and get the same results away from the ocean. He went on to design a machine, the Rip Surfer X, to simulate the workout you get while surfing. The machine might not create the same experience as catching an epic wave, but it can help you stay in great shape by producing the same benefits surfing has on your body. He used this machine to construct a new type of workout and a series of fitness programs. This full body approach is drawn from the natural movements of surfing to create workouts that focus on balance, core strength, power, lean muscle and coordination. Surfset classes are offered all over the world in 140 locations and have gained great momentum. People are excited about taking workouts and surfing to another level. The Rip Surfer X is available to the public for $550 USD and comes along with videos for at-home training, so you don’t even need to be near a studio to jump on the bandwagon. We salute Surfset fitness for allowing us to “catch a wave” on shore. Kowabunga y’all!