Saluting Innovation @ Dassault Systemes

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Saluting Innovation at Dassault Systemes for combing scientific breakthroughs and virtual design to create a personalized health care experience that was never thought possible before. The French design and simulation software company has created a complete three-dimensional virtual view of a beating heart. The hope is that one-day doctors will be able to diagnose and treat patients based on the unique forces within each person through this 3D imaging and even rehearse open-heart surgery. The process for personalizing 3D heart models begins with a normal heartbeat and is then modified to reflect the behavior of the specific patients heart through an MRI or echocardiogram. If the person’s heart is damaged due to a heart attack doctors could observe how the physics changed and thus simulate various treatments to perceive potential outcomes before opening someone up. We salute Dassault Systemes for their commitment to creating 3D experiences and innovative simulation technologies that continually push the boundaries of possibility.